A tiny insect with red eyes, the “Drosophila melanogaster”, commonly known as “the fruit fly” possesses a gene (alpha 2 delta 3), which participates in the elaboration of the thermal pain in the brain. MRI investigations lead to a kind of synaesthetic findings.


Experiment performed by Ramachandran and Hubbard. If the test subjects were asked to pay attention at the global level, five subjects saw red, but if they were asked to direct the attention to the local level, three of them saw green (case of the hierarchical figure – a 5 composed of many 3). It means that attention influences the manifestation of the synesthetic phenomenon.


The attention also affects the perception, as well as meditation, concentration and self-hypnosis, they produce electrophysiological changes of the psychosomatic system, allowing you to get in touch with your deepest identity or “instincts of the subconscious” and develop a self-induced choice, which influences the subjective choice of the foresight orienting yourselves towards a positive, neutral or negative effect.


The nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real experience and an experience imagined vividly and in detail.
(Maxwell Maltz)


The Eastern meditation teachers were able to guide the meditation practice through kinesthetic sensations, intuition and empathy. Our subconscious assimilates all without distinction between what is positive and what is negative, it is for this reason that a stimulus repeated many times in our brain triggers a mechanism and once you are deeply relaxed and concentrated the unconscious starts making suggestions and mental images that determines you to do things differently from before. Our mind does not distinguish between imagination and reality, and if we can “see” the new actions in our brain then it becomes easier to also perform them in our real life. We can imagine an athlete in high jump that focuses before the execution, at first trying to relax so much that even the tips of his fingers “vibrate” in a kind of induced auto-relaxation, then he focuses and finally “releases” the positive thinking acquired in energy in the physical and the mental jump. Influencing positively the subconscious we fix a new message that is transformed into a powerful instrument of thought control and mental discipline, so much to get to influence our state of mind (subconscious).


We must learn to use mental images, to see with our mind’s eye what in reality does not exist, it is just to develop this ability of the subconscious mind and learn how to use it. The symbols and images are the language of the subconscious and allow us to get in touch with the psyche and command it but to do that you have to reach a very deep relaxation, or enter a state of altered consciousness and learn to evoke the images, while in alpha state or in a relaxation state.


What we commonly refer to as “the sixth sense” is actually the “cradle” of our extrasensory perception, that is our subconscious. Through self hypnosis we establish a very powerful mechanism that directs the “power” developed in the decision-making of the induced and unconscious choice in order to get positive results.


First you need to try to “clear your mind” while listening to relaxing music and adopting a proper breathing. Achieved this playing field of well-being and peace of mind we enter automatically into contact with our subconscious, so we try to “transpose” our “I” as if we were to “break away” from our material body. You can get the “feel” of real detachment from our “I” from the physical body and have a transposition (some individuals feel the metaphysical sense of flying).


This step is not pure utopia, but a reality that we reach in the same way as we attended a gymnastics course in the gym with mental training. Now we have to focus through mental visualization of the images of the zodiac signs, the subconscious in a very short time develops the embryo of choice “decision” and at this point establishes a synesthetic mechanism through greater attention paid at the time of sensory choice. At a time when we make the choice, and we read the horoscope, we have “activated” the free will of our decision-making subconscious impulse, influencing the sensorial prediction.