Reading the daily horoscope of the Virgo sign on the 10/01/2015 from five different newspapers:

Corriere Della Sera IO DONNA Source:

Rainy day and not only in the meteorological sense, cold drops like tears glide in the soul, giving space to the melancholy of the season, when work absorbs you your thought is occasionally running to a story ended badly than you get immediately recaptured with routine tasks. The critical moment comes in the evening, in the crossfire of the Moon and Saturn quadrature. The result is a mixture of conflicting emotions but all rather bitter: disappointment because of the missed opportunities and the defeats despite the good will, regret for something or someone that is gone, and definitively out of your life.

LA Source:

What motivates you, in October, to be so wavering? Our satellite is in an unpleasant quadrature, regarding your sign, from this day on. Since you try to get teased of unknown people, people who liked you before will think that you areless loyal than usual … So that to manage to be lovable as you usually are, you needs even more strength!

Il Source:

Until evening, Moon in Taurus, magnificent position for the relations with people and for distant situations, even abroad. From a practical perspective, excellent for financial affairs, legal matters, rentals and sales of real estate. Not very refined in love, but sexy.


You are called into question and you have to clarify all the circumstances, but it is useless to expose yourself unless you are sure to get a positive result. You can give a lot of explanations to those who have entered your games, everybody is interested in the power and you are already at a good point to get great visibility. But you want the certainties and not illusions that soon vanish.


You do not need the divining rod to find the source of happiness. Moon in sumptuous trine and positive Jupiter in your sign. Follow or listen to the motions of the heart is easier. Who wants a brand new love can open the hunting season. The disappointment is not covered.

As we can see, the horoscope varies substantially and is reductive depending on the chosen newspaper. Both the popular version of the horoscope based on one zodiacal position of the Sun (solar horoscope) inevitably reductive and substantially inaccurate, and also the true astrology itself, which provides events through the comparison of the birth chart and sky chart at the exact time of the analysis and contemplating the birth chart as a whole (progressive horoscope).

Both horoscope versions (popular and progressive), in my humble opinion, are too influenced by the subjective interpretation of the astrologer and leave beside the fundamental fact based on algorithmic calculation, in addition to the continuous and incessant movement of the celestial bodies (planets and satellites) that within a few minutes perform distances of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, enough to make unthinkable that their influence on the “horoscope prediction” may be limited to the narrow and inadequate “fixed” daily time frame.