I am a pharmacist with an innate passion for research and particularly for astronomy. With the first money earned while working in weekends during my University studies, I bought my first telescope, a Newton 114/1000, that I improved changing it and providing it with accessories. It’s difficult to express the joy I felt in observing the craters on the Moon or the phases of Venus with that object, that I was affectionate to, in the evenings spent on the roof of the apartment building where I lived.

After the first year of university I fell in love with a beautiful student in one of my courses who, coincidentally, also had a passion for the stars. Actually we met in an organized summer evening to observe the “falling stars”.

Anna was passionate about astrology and had to read every morning, before leaving home, the horoscope to know what would happen during the day! It must have been all those magazines scattered everywhere in our house or his loquacity about it, that made me from that moment to began analyzing the two disciplines, astronomy and astrology, with a clinical eye.

So, next to my university studies of chemistry and botany I began reading various treaties related to astrology and astronomy and I started “interviewing” the different characters involved every time I had the opportunity, a little out of curiosity and passion but especially in order to understand what my mind refused to accept as absolute belief and resolve some doubts that I’ll share with you in the “MY DOUBTS ABOUT THE HOROSCOPES” section.