Among the many variables to be considered one of the most significant is the continuous and incessant movement of the celestial bodies that within a few minutes perform distances of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, enough to make it unthinkable that their influence on the “horoscope prediction” may be limited to the narrow and inadequate time frame “fixed” daily. Pluto, to complete its rotation around the Sun needs 247 years while Mercury needs just 24 months so it seems to me obvious the consequence of different astrological influences of the two celestial bodies in the “sky” for each category of zodiac sign.


It is for this reason that I have studied the movement of celestial bodies in their complexity and integrity, considering the influence of all the satellites in our solar system, from Saturn to Jupiter, and especially the Moon with its ancestral influences ranging from sowing to the tides, from the conditioning of the sleeping patterns to the growth of nails and hair.


Using astral parameters resulting from the exhaustive study of the positions and movements of celestial bodies (positioning, alignment and passage of celestial bodies in the different constellations) and supported by mathematics researchers, I developed an ALGORITHM model that is the basis of a new, revolutionary Horoscope prediction system.

These algorithmic mathematical calculations, extrapolated from the master star of each sign of the Zodiac that, moving, with the passing of the hours is changed, forms the support system of a personalized SENSORIAL HOROSCOPE, caused by a sensorial interpretation of our subconscious which acts on the basis of FREE WILL.