In conclusion, each zodiac sign develops 25 foresight on which, unlike ordinary horoscopes, I apply my “sensorial” theory, eliminating the subjective influences from the interpretation of the astrologer but directly involving the viewer interested in his horoscope prediction.


A type of synaesthetic experience, induced using concentration and meditation techniques, intersected with astrology, numerology, self hypnosis and my new algorithmic calculation method. I think it can be evoked consciously by each entity or individual exploiting the free will of our decision subconscious impulse, triggered by the concentration and increased attention paid at the time of sensorial choosing and combining the two essential elements of the synesthetic experience: the inducer event and the concurrent event.


In comparative sensitive astrology the “inducer” event is caused by a perceptual stimulus (eg. The view of the astral number series) while the “concurrent” event is produced by the fact of thinking of a particular concept as a number or a certain position in space, all contributing to a conceptual synesthesia which combined with the “free will”, “the impulse of the subconscious” and the “sixth sense” induced with hypnosis, form the basic condition (Condicio sine qua non) of my new theory about compared sensitive astrology. Over the years of research, I found the importance of numerology as a valuable support to the astrological study, so I matched this pseudoscience to my “sensorial” theory by applying it to the simplicity of the subconscious impulse. In summary, the user of my “sensorial” theory can use two reasons in its decision-making choice of foresights based on their impulse: the SUBCONSCIOUS and NUMEROLOGY.