How can we know if the horoscope published in our trusted magazine or listened to our favorite TV channel is equally valid for both the business man of Wall Street and for the Australian Aborigine?


I can reasonably think that the daily needs and concerns of both are diametrically opposed. The businessman who is about to enter, elegantly dressed and with his branded briefcase, in the meeting room of a multinational company that he is managing, worries because he read that the Orion will not be favorable to the development of his new business project, so He thinks that the growth of his actions will not be the one he expected. On the other part of the world, the aboriginal, who have never read the “New York Times”, I assume doesn’t care about Orion’s influence on the stock market. His needs purely materialistic, like: will I find water to quench my family today? Or, can I catch the kangaroo that I missed the other day, after risking my live in the most remote and rocky areas of the Kosciuszko National Park? I consider reasonable to think: but if the aboriginal had a chance to read the same horoscope of our Wall Street as a man could use the same “prediction” or “future prospects” applied to his daily life, made of essential needs and substantially different from the rich Western civilization? In the same way a homeless person in New York will have quite different problems to think about, probably where to find a hot meal in the day and a shelter for the night at Auburn Family Residence Fort Greene in Brooklyn.


Example: Sagittarius: the daily horoscope indicates a lot of creativity and inventiveness for you this Monday. Not only at work, but also in love you might have some pleasant surprises. At work it will be easier to find profitable alternative never before considered. In love the singles win through stimulating encounters. (Source: It seems pretty obvious that if our Aboriginal could read this “prediction” may not derive any substantial help or comfort in the capture of his kangaroo nor for the water search that needs to survive; as well as the homeless Brooklyn I just can’t imagine what pleasant surprises and profitable alternatives can have in his day. Without considering the love, if it was to influence our business man, certainly it is of minor importance to the Aboriginal and the homeless.


The other question I have always asked was: how is it possible that reading or listening to ten different horoscopes I am presented many different answers?
If this “pseudo-science” that is recognized and defined “astrology” is based on a solid basis and documented and accepted on the opinion of many famous people and scholars like me, it is lawful to ask me how is it possible that ten daily answers are all so different . We should read at least similar ones…