From the observation and the comparison of the data resulted from algorithm, I have found and established that during one day can be revealed as many as 24 different foresights, one for each hour. I also deduced the intersection hour between one zodiac sign and the other which leads to a total of 25 daily foresights.


With external collaborations, but not influenced ones, we obtained different objective situations, with existential themes, universally applicable.

The 25 foresights, for each sign of the Zodiac, were divided into five themes: work, love, finance, health and various, formulating for each topic, three different results of foresight: negative, positive and neutral.

For example, in a negative situation, the foresight was as follows: “Bad day at work with external interference due to circumstantial causes”.

So, if we are confronted with the figurative representation of the Australian Aborigine, the negativity in the workplace results in a situation of this case: “Today the aboriginal failed to capture his kangaroo as the rain has erased the traces of the prey, or he did not find the water source that he was hoping to find since a rockslide prevented him to continue his arduous journey.”


In the meantime, the businessman in New York has had a sharp decline in the company’s shares with a serious impact on the economic situation and the company’s financial statements because of a unexpected hurricane, which devastated the fields planted with corn in the plains of Ohio.

These “findings” showed as foresights are easily transposable to any subjective configuration and adaptable to the daily life of all individuals on Earth, although poles apart and belonging to different cultures and backgrounds.